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Thursday/Envy - Split 12” (180gram Black)

When I heard Thursday and Envy were doing a split, I was a bit skeptical.  Thursday’s first two LP’s (and Jet Black New Year off that EP) will always be awesome, but I feel like that’s because of when they came out and where I was in life (being 16).  I haven’t downright HATED any of their albums, but their new stuff doesn’t really get any attention on my ipod.  That being said, these might be the best Thursday songs, ever.

Envy’s side was pretty good too, a little poppier than I would have expected though.

Also, the LP came with a CD which is kind of cute.  Makes this the first CD I’ve “bought” since 2006.  Fuck CDs, long live vinyl and the internet (also, cassette tapes because my car stereo is GHETTO as fuck)

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