The closest I'll ever get to organizing my records

I have a bunch of records and my record player is as broke as I am. Occasionally I have other things to say or show. I don't give a fuck.

J. Bannon - The Blood of Thine Enemies (Black w/ etched b-side /200)

Solo track from Converge’s amazing Jacob Bannon.  Released back in 2008, part of what I believe is an in progress solo album.  This is an ambient track and it’s fucking awesome.  Sorry about the awful picture quality for the etched side.  I had to work with the lighting I had available and it wasn’t the best.

I remember the day I got this in the mail this color was going for something stupid like $80 on ebay.  Fuck ebay flippers.  I preordered it which means someone else did the same and then IMMEDIATELY put it up for auction.  Ebay flippers ruin vinyl for people who actually give a shit.  Selling a record because you need the money more than you need the vinyl?  That sucks, but for the seller.  Buying records just to sell them for profits is fucking grotty as hell.  Deathwish sold the EP for $5, why the fuck should someone make $70+ in profit off of it, if anything Deathwish deserves that money due to being such a solid/legit label.  Sorry about the rant, I really just wanted to post the pics quick.  I just started thinking about ebay flippers and my blood boiled.

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    I really want to start collecting vinyl.
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    One of my favorite 7 inches , too bad my center piece broke.
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